Nail care means health and


We provide Manicure and nails decoration and Pedicure with therapeutic approach.


Our line of products start with BIO SCULPTURE is a health, ethical and professional line of nails products from variety number of colours to a line that provide Nourishment to our nails also we work with nail polish, gel, powder gel, and acrylic.

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Discover a better alternative to care and take care of your feet, at Red Fox Studio we using what is the best quality on this industry, “elim” the scientific solution. We use eco friendly and gentle products, also use anti fungal with Tea Tree Oil and Rosemary, our massage medium of excellence touch give you a feeling of refreshment and softness with non-slip effect at the end, with each client we building a personal plan and keep file on site with pictures to follow up good results.

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Express Pedicure

Perfect pedicure for those lucky that only need a little maintenance, trimming/file of the nails, cuticle and application of lotion


Need Care

feet need more attention, more time inside water cleaning, cuticle, trimming/file toe nails, cleaning heels little bit with file, massage with cream

therapeutic pedicure

Therapeutic Pedicure

This client need extreme attention. Cleaning nails, dry skin on heels, callus or corner, massage on feet with special cream


Bio Sculpture

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Services Fee

Yes, we have a list of price as any another store in the city, but we do what the client need and deserve, we follow up with specific note of  “ We want our client get outside the store happy and satisfy with our services”.


$25. and up

Nail polish

$20. and up

Manicure + gel color

$35. and up

Manicure + French gel color

$40. and up

Acrylic full set


Acrylic + gel color

$40. and up

Powder gel

$40. and up

Powder gel + gel color

$55. and up

Bio gel + gel color

$65. and up

Express Pedicure


Need Care


Therapeutic Pedicure


We tailor service to clients with:

Ingrown nail  |  Damage nails | Impacted nails  |  Lifting or separating of toe nails  |  Nail trauma  |  Overgrown nails  |  Thickened toe nails or  Corns or calluses  |  Excessively dry/thickened skin

About Us

I have the excellence and privilege to start  the business inside a well established  ELVA  BEAUTY BAR, a very well  and with excellent reputation in town, with this third location, we are feeling very welcome inside this house, the manager Elva, did all the preparation to accommodate my business and welcome my clients, I can call home  because has the waiting area with a sofa with pillows, music, very  friendly staffs,  all the experience go take care of us.

We attending female and male in the environment to restore confidence in your nails.

Meet our team

As a small business we grown with our clients, we are two workers and two another attending home if necessary. Our staff has a licence more than 10 years and constantly looking training with what is new on market.

Natalia Hilcenko

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Andy Nguyen

Our professional care, Andy has 12 years of experience, always doing search what is in new in the market to make a better performance on the service.

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